ProbatePlus - An Integrated Probate Module for Lawgic Florida Wills & Trusts Subscribers

Lawgic and EstateWorks have launched an integrated probate module for Lawgic's Florida Wills & Trusts users called ProbatePlus.

ProbatePlus is based on EstateWorks renowned TruePlan and TrueSettlement products that have been used by large law firms and trust banks for a number of years. ProbatePlus provides Lawgic users with a powerful probate product for a fraction of what banks and large law firms are paying for TruePlan and TrueSettlement.

ProbatePlus Delivers Automated Probate Form Drafting Plus...


Integrated with Lawgic's Florida Wills & Trusts

ProbatePlus is integrated with Lawgic's Florida Wills & Trusts enabling users to transfer client and contact information to ProbatePlus without having to reenter it. Lawgic users can be drafting probate forms in minutes -- saving time on every probate matter and reducing the potential for errors.

ProbatePlus Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I sign up for Lawgic's ProbatePlus module?

Call us at 877-252-9442 to sign up.

Q: What specific Probate forms are available?

Click here to view a list of the available Florida probate forms.

Q: How do I enable the ProbatePlus module within Lawgic?

Once you have purchased Lawgic's ProbatePlus module you will need to update your Lawgic environment. You can download the update by logging on to your online Lawgic account then clicking the link to download Florida Wills & Trusts and following the on-screen instructions.

After the update is installed open Florida Wills and Trusts in Lawgic and click "Edit" then "Set Preferences" to open the Preferences dialog box.

Check the "Lawgic ProbatePlus" checkbox then close and restart Lawgic for the changes to take effect.

A "Lawgic ProbatePlus" menu should appear in the menu bar once Lawgic has been restarted.

Q: How is data transferred from Lawgic to ProbatePlus?

Data is transferred from Lawgic to Estate Works in two stages: From Lawgic to the Case Viewer via a Case File, and from the Case Viewer to Estate Works via an Interface File.

    Start Lawgic and open the answer file you wish to transfer.

    Click the "Lawgic/ProbatePlus" menu and select "Create and Load Case File". The file will open in Case Viewer, where you can ammend the file if you wish.

    To send the file to Estate Works, you will create an Interface file, which is a file that exports data into Estate Works.  On the Case menu, choose Save New Interface File. It will be saved to a Lawgic/ProbatePlus folder in your “My Documents” folder. (Typically, this path is C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Lawgic\ProbatePlus\Interface Files\NEW_INTERFACE <filename>.xml).

    From the Case Viewer “Case” menu, select the menu item “EstateWorks Login”.  
    (Please note: EstateWorks currently only supports the Internet Explorer browser)

    Login to EstateWorks. In EstateWorks, click on the "Manage" menu and select "Admin -> Tools ->Lawgic Import”.

    Browse to the location where you stored the interface file in step 3. Choose the file, and click on the “Next” button. NOTE: Be sure to choose the file from the INTERFACE FILE folder, not the CASE FILE folder.

If you need to change the information you have already sent to Estate Works, you must update your Interface file and re-send it to Estate Works using an “Update Interface" file type. To do this, go to the Case menu in your Case Viewer, and choose Save Update Interface file.

    Important Note: Before doing another import of the same decedent in EstateWorks, (i.e. importing a NEW Interface File for a decedent which has already been imported to EstateWorks), delete the previous case from the ProbatePlus database:
    >>  Click the "Case/Delete Case" menu
    >>  Select the radio button for the case you wish to delete
    >>  Click "GO" beside "Delete"
    >>  Click the "Contacts/Edit-Delete Contacts" menu
    >>  Click "GO"
    >>  Delete every contact with a "Delete" button

Q: Is ProbatePlus secure?

ProbatePlus is a highly secure application.  Our servers are secured and managed by IBM in a hosted facility that provides 7 layers of physical security. Data transmission is secured using 128 bit SSL data encryption and account access requires usernames and passwords. Additionally, incremental data backups are performed hourly and full backups are performed daily.

Q: How many user licenses are included with the Florida probate forms?

Licenses of the Florida state probate forms includes up to five Users with unique user names and passwords.  Additional licenses can be purchased in five user packs.

Q: What training is available for ProbatePlus?

ProbatePlus is simple to use and easy to learn.  Training is provided via the Quick Start Guide that will have you up and running in less than 30 minutes.  Additionally, you are entitled to telephone and email support at no additional charge.

Q: Who do I call if I forget my password or if I have technical questions?

You can contact Lawgic Customer Support via email at or by phone at 877-252-6442.